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ACCADEMIA DELLA PUBBLICITA’ – Advertising Arts Accademy

If it were only a school then there would be nothing new!


Art Directors, Digital Designers, Photographers, Video Makers, Architects, Designers




Located in the heart of Tuscany, where hills and cypress trees become its backdrop, there is the “Accademia della Pubblicità”, a new opportunity for young foreigners who want to know and experience the Italian creativity in photography, graphic design, art-direction or web area.

A workshop of imagination, a laboratory for training and research in the field of creativity, based on the direct experience, where teachers transfer to students the knowledge gathered over the years transforming schooling in an unique educational experience.

We have created courses that use the theory and practice of relying on continuous coaching of professional to transfer to students the knowledge and the way of working typical of “Made in Italy”.

Academic Course

In Italian language
2 years (november/may)

Academic Master

In Italian language
1 year (november/may)

Summer Camps

In English language
2 months (june/july)

Specialization course

In English language
1 month (july or october)

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